There are a million clichés and analogies
for people like you
Intricately detailed cardiovascular systems,
dawns breaking over horizons, and celestial bodies
All substitutes for “love”
because it was never enough
Because you were always too much
for a four-letter word

But I was still arrogant enough to try
to describe your smile using moonstones
and compare your irises to auroras
Which fails to capture you at your best
when you’re shaking your head, laughing
because I’m desperate
Because I’d do anything
to get your attention, or garner affection

Every day it begins
with the lock and squeak of your car
You approach our front door
My heart races along with your footsteps
and I’m sure my tail would wag
because I still go through withdrawals
Because it’s just not home
without you here

I’m as dumb as my luck, I know
to orbit you for however long
To share your light as you continue
to flourish, to radiate purpose
and joy, and everything worth anything
Because you’re the best decision I ever made
Because you make me, me
I thank you. I love you.


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