She Spins

Argent locks and rouge-dipped lips,
A life that’s weighed in profile pics,
Every smile carefully contrived
With charlatans whose laughter’s mimed,
But in-between where guile meets grace
A chasm where she sits and waits
For someone to notice absent eyes,
Veiled by tonic, plagued with lies
She spins

Heavy bags and tips that frayed,
Her only crime is that she caved
To a picket fence, carefully contrived,
And spoiled imps that act deprived,
But before resentment breeds regret
A silent scream to help forget
Who’s responsible for this paradigm,
Mocked by routine, cursed with time
She spins

The years they fade, and so do looks,
A life construed in photo books,
Recycled wisdom, carefully contrived,
Makes a sordid past look dignified,
But just as artifice becomes absurd
Her heart, it flaps, a humming bird,
Because no one’s listening to her lament,
Consumed by dark, paired with contempt
She spins



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