Mercy Me

Footsteps shape these hollowed vessels
Where life hangs in the throes
I’ve prayed for you to have a chance
Too afraid to watch you go
Yet I can’t stomach one more goodbye
Another one-way conversation
I can’t stand my quivering voice
Or that all you can do is listen

Everyone has gathered for support
But instead of talking we shoot stares
Not at each other, down at our feet
It’s pain that brought us here
My throat aches from what’s unsaid
My eyes crack into bloodshot sores
Fingers grasping for a world to cling to
While faceless coats pass through the doors

More hushed whispers protecting me
From what they think that I don’t know
As hard as it might be to talk
It’s so much worse to be alone
I paint on a stronger face
One that says it’s not giving up
But Doubt is knocking at my temples
And Fear is stabbing at my gut

For soon our lives may change
Despite pretending we have no clue
Feeling sorry for myself
When the one that’s suffering is you
You deserve to see tomorrow
That’s what sends tremors to my core
You’re what is best in all of us
A lighthouse guiding ships to shore

So when I say that I’d trade places
Know it’s not a lie
Since you would do the same for me
If you thought that I might…
Should this be your final curtain
It’s been an honor at your side
And should you happen not to fade
I will be here
Just open your eyes

Cody Hulbert Copyright, 2015


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