When I’m forced to take a picture
I just want to be myself
So when I have to disappear
I slip into someone else

When I think outside the box
I lock other people out
Because when I put my best foot forward
It still ends up in my mouth

When I’m comfortable in my skin
That’s when I’m tucked within my shell,
Another sixty-four-dollar question
Another lie to tell

When I disappoint myself
I’m making other people proud,
The next time I take chance
I’ll still pander to the crowd

When I try to make a point
I can never strike a chord
Since living by my wits
Leaves me at a loss for words

When I’m trying to be nice
Is when I’m softest spoken
But if I could lay down my arms
I know yours would likely open

When I think about what I am
It never adds up to what we are
So when I’m lost and losing face
I remember you’re never far

Cody Hulbert Copyright, 2015.


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