Blog Changes

If you have visited the blog recently and paid any attention to the web address you might have noticed that it’s different now. Over the past couple of months I’ve been struggling with the identity of this site. In an effort to categorize more effectively I’m going to start using a two site approach. will be home to my rants and reviews. That original blog address was always more appropriate for my dorkier ramblings and I intend to keep it that way. Meanwhile, will be used for my own creations. That would include poems, flash fiction, and short stories.

Part of the reason for breaking things up more is that I’ve noticed there’s a split in the audience. Hopefully by embracing this I’ll know who I’m writing for a bit better and, therefore, be less hesitant to post certain things. I’ll try to provide links where I can for those interested in everything. Tumblr and Twitter will continue to receive all of my posts, and hopefully I’ll find a simple solution on WordPress too. This is all going to take a bit of work and I’m not sure how easy it will be until I dive in, so bear with me. The good news is that I think I’ll have a more coherent flow of posts and my tone won’t be so all over the place once I break things out. In other words, there will be less snarky opinions for you to wade through if you’re looking for my more original posts, and less pretentious nonsense for those of you looking for my recommendations.

And that’s about all I have to say. In conclusion:

  • for reviews and news on games, movies, books, and, well, the nerdy stuff that I like.
  • for flash fiction, short stories, poems, and, well, other experiments.

I hope to have this taken care of in the next week or so. will host all my previous work to this point. Thanks to all of you that keep up with me. The feedback I’ve gotten from some of you is what encourages me to keep trying. It means so much that people take the time to read my posts. I appreciate you simply stopping by.

Yours Gratefully,



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