Ordinary Alien

Left to my fate I wander;
Shipwrecked and alone.
There is no rescue coming,
I haven’t a home to phone.

At first I stay concealed,
They’ll see through this disguise.
I’m just way too different,
It’s something in my eyes.

Then something odd transpires,
One takes interest in this soul.
Gravitated towards me,
A bond begins to grow.

It shows me to its species
Each one nodding with a smile.
My senses are alert;
Something within them’s vile.

Their voices sound familiar
As I listen to the lies.
Disgusted I want to leave,
We’re not so different I realize.

An ordinary alien goes to hide
Feeling less and less unique.
I am not hiding anything,
Another worthless sheep.

The human soon after follows,
It wonders what is wrong.
Apologizing profusely,
Knowing I didn’t belong.

For this one is truly special,
I know its not like the rest,
Because no one else would wonder,
What’s beneath this fleshy mess.


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